Amish and Mennonite Quality Craftsmanship

Better Components

Quality Leather, Toolwork, and Sewing – Leather leashes and collars are built of high quality Latigo, harness, and bridal leather . They are sewn with heavy polypropylene thread and double stitched to prevent unraveling. Most products have the distinctive edge work and embossing that sets it apart from cheaper imported and domestic leather work.

Artisanal Leather Treatments – We add our own private recipe leather treatment to many of our products, and it is available on any leather item. Beeswax from our own hives is mixed with other natural waxes, butters, and oils to make a quality treatment that will protect your valuable leather goods without permanent discoloration.

Better Hardware – We have never used cheap hardware on our first quality goods. We use strong stainless steel, brass, and chrome plated brass snaps, rivets, and swivels on almost all of our products. This type of hardware is more expensive, but there is absolutely no excuse for using cheap hardware. The cost savings is minimal compared to the prospect of equipment failure at a critical moment for your pet or working dog.

Herm Sprenger Hardware – We are a source for the Herm Spreuger swivels and scissor snaps. The scissor snaps, also called French snaps or quick release snaps, are used on many of our hunting leashes to allow for quick engagement of game or to quickly enter a dog in a field trial situation.

Custom Leather Products – We will be glad to work with you to modify our products to suit your specific needs or to make you a specific item from scratch.

The Casey and Adair County Kentucky Amish Community

Our leather products are designed, developed, and made by and through the great leather workers and harness makers from the Amish and Mennonite community in South Central Kentucky.  Andrew Brubaker of Woodland. Harness, and the family of famed harness maker, Mose Miller, do much of the sewing and leather work.