Field Tested and Approved Working Dog Equipment

My Experience

As we started this journey to determine the best material for our own dogs, we discovered that many of the people selling dog gear must not actually use it. The products we sell may not be the best, but it must work for us in the field or we do not sell it.

Long Biothane Leads

The long biothane leads must be of the hard, slick-finished biothane that feels good in the hand and slides easily through brush and thick vegetation. We have identified which biothane products work best.

What About Leather Bloodtracking Leashes?

Quality long leather leashes are difficult to make and expensive to produce. But we love them and strive to provide a limited number of full length round and flat leather leads for bloodtracking.

Tracking Collars

We have developed several wide biothane and leather collar patterns that we believe work well for the hard-pulling dog as well as the more deliberate animal.


We have two patterns of leather harnesses for tracking. The design process for this line is on going. We hope to have a full line of leather tracking harnesses to meet your needs. 

Special Orders

Since we began this journey to provide equipment for ourselves, we really enjoy helping you get something for your specific needs. Feel free to enquire about modifying our products or making an entirely new item.