The American Hunting Terrier Association

The Jagdterrier Breed Club


The American Hunting Terrier Association is the only Jagdterrier breed club in America. Its mission and purpose is to preserve the incredible hunting character of the Jagdterrier while adapting it to hunting conditions in the United States.

Terrier Trials


Terrier Trials along with tests and competitions are held across America to evaluate Jagdterriers as to their hunting ability and conformation. 



The AHTA maintains a database of over 1,300 Jagdterrier pedigrees and provides registration for club member's dogs.

Trial Sponsorship


The members of the American Hunting Terrier Association have sacrificed greatly to establish this club and to plan and hold Terrier Trials. You can help sponsor a trial here.

Breeding Approval Program


The AHTA has developed a system of evaluating and approving dogs that are considered worthy of breeding..

Contact the AHTA


You can get more information about the AHTA at their website here.